Petro Stebnitsky’s interpretations of the Ukrainian revolution in 1917–1921.

  • Inna Demuz
Keywords: P. Stebnytskyi, national discourse, journalism, statehood, Ukrainian revolution in 1917–1921.


The article deals with the analysis of P. Stebnytskyi’s researches that devoted to the events of the Ukrainian Revolution in 1917–1921, and considers his works as part of the national discourse. In addition to a number of well-known works by this public fi gure («The Brain of the Nation», «Nemesis», «The Logic of Life», «On the Fire», «Ukraine in the Economy of Russia», etc.), we have included researches discovered in the archive: «The Law of Evolution and the Right of the Revolution, «A terrible heritage. (Economic and fi nancial consequences of the World War)», a draft without a name «... but a temporary Russian government ...». This research uses comparative-historical, historical-typological, historical-observational, historicaldescriptive methods. In addition, a critical discourse analysis was used to analyze the journalistic heritage of P. Stebnytskyi as part of the national discourse. It is proved that P. Stebnitsky’s works are important part of the Ukrainian journalism at the beginning of the twentieth century and the period of the Ukrainian Revolution in 1917–1921. His researches have nation creating and anticolonial character. P. Stebnitsky’s works promoted the separation idea of the Ukrainian nation, its right to self-determination and a its own way of developing a national culture; they have followed such concepts as «federation», «autonomy», «statehood», «independence», «independence». It was established that this public fi gure found out the reasons and motives of the Ukrainian Revolution in 1917–1921, described the course of political events, considered its economic, social and cultural consequences, expressing its own attitude towards national liberation struggles.


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Inna Demuz

Doctor of Historical Sciences, the Head of the Chair of Document
Science Department, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State
Pedagogical University.

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